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With over twenty five years’ experience

Savback Helicopters specializes in helicopter sales and has become a well-established name in the aviation world. After more than 25 years within the aviation market we still manage to keep business personal, and that’s the way we want it to be.

Missions for Airbus Helicopters


When immediate emergency assistance is needed, helicopters are irreplaceable. From the lightweight single-engine H130, to the twin-engine H135 and H145, to the medium-lift H175, these helicopters have captured nearly two-thirds of the emergency medical services (EMS) market worldwide, serving more than 300 customers.

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Oil & Gas

Airbus helicopters keep the oil & gas industry operating at its optimum output. The company’s helicopters have accumulated more than 10 million flight hours in crew change missions, freight transport, medEvac, search and rescue, and logistics support to offshore platforms and land-based rigs in highly remote locations, as well as in pipeline patrols.

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Private & Business

The most discerning customers count on Airbus to meet their requirements for attention to detail, functionality, sophistication and performance – providing rotorcraft for operations that vary from liaison flights with government officials and very important passengers, to time-sensitive business trips and connections to resorts or yacht landing pads.

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Public Services

Public service agencies around the world count on the reliability, performance and efficiency of Airbus rotorcraft for their critical missions. On call every day, Airbus’ light, medium and medium-heavy helicopters are ready for duties that include law enforcement, firefighting, and search and rescue.

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