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The 7-ton class H175 (formerly known as the EC175) was developed by Airbus Helicopters as its new-generation medium-sized rotorcraft, certified in accordance with the latest and most demanding regulatory requirements. Benefits include enhanced flight safety, more volume per seat for passenger comfort, mission versatility, simplified maintenance, and cost effectiveness to match customer expectations.


A smooth and powerful aircraft

The H175 delivers on all counts with its long range, smooth ride, excellent payload lift and outstanding cabin comfort.

Passengers transported in the H175 for crew change missions experience the longest air-conditioned cabin and the most space and window surface per passenger of all helicopters in this class. A maximum of four passengers can be seated per row. Vibration and sound levels are very low, even at high cruise speeds.

Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s latest PT6 engine – the PT6C67E – the H175 benefits from strong performance and large power reserves, which support efficiency and safety during take-off and landing, rig approach, hovering and hoisting.

Contributing to its competitive edge is the recommended cruise speed of 150 kts and the fast cruise speed of 160 kts; hover out of ground effect (HOGE) with a maximum 7.5-metric-ton take-off weight at 5,800 ft. in ISA+20°C conditions; and extensive power reserve and heli-deck performance (PC1) at maximum take-off weight in ISA+20°C conditions.

The H175 already is a record-setter, establishing a time-to-climb record of 6,000 meters in 6 min., 54 s.; and a time-to-climb record of 3,000 meters in 3 min. 10 s.

The economical performer, taking you farther and faster

The H175 offers excellent payload for short and long range missions, contributing to high annual productivity for operators. This combined with low operating and maintenance costs and high availability equals superior cost effectiveness for customers.

The H175 provides the best payload range-per-passenger/radius-of-action (RoA) in the medium helicopter category. In 2016, the H175 will have an extended maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 7,800 kilograms, offering an additional payload of 300 kilograms or an additional 40 nautical miles RoA.

With 16 passengers aboard in an oil and gas configuration, the H175 can fly to distances of 140 nautical miles, increasing to nearly 200 nautical miles when 12 passengers are carried, with no auxiliary fuel tank required. The helicopter can operate at its full payload in 90 percent of oil and gas operations.

Lighter than its competitors, the H175 is outfitted with a standard fuel tank that can carry more than 2 tons of fuel. This unmatched capacity is 30 percent more fuel than other aircraft in its class, without the need for an auxiliary fuel tank.

The cabin can be reconfigured for almost any mission, whether short or long-range. In search and rescue operations, the long endurance (6 hours), fast cruising speed (160 kts), long range and large cabin are key success factors.

Fewer flight hours required translates to less maintenance and lower costs.

New-generation avionics

The H175’s new Airbus Helicopters’ Helionix® avionics suite and integrated 4-axis autopilot, derived from the proven H225, provide the highest levels of safety and mission flexibility.

Meeting the latest international standards, Helionix reduces pilot workload through unrivalled situational awareness, improved flight envelope protection and system redundancy.

The dual-duplex 4-axis autopilot ensures flight precision and stability during flight, even in the harshest weather conditions. Its functions include new automatic modes such as automatic recovery in the event of pilot disorientation, easier final approaches (particularly at low heights to prevent terrain collision), a hands-off one-engine failure management mode, and a Rig n’ Fly mode for approaches to rigs. The TCASII for automatic collision avoidance additionally supports flight safety.

The intuitive Human Machine Interface further reduces pilot workload and has an innovative self-monitoring and alerting system backed by audio warnings.

Designed with safety in mind

The H175 was conceived from the start to offer the highest safety levels in all flight modes. The helicopter complies with – or exceeds – the latest CS29 airworthiness standards, with the oil & gas version incorporating all of the safety and mission recommendations of the IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers).

To achieve these standards, the helicopter has fully-redundant systems; crashworthiness protection; energy-absorbing landing gear, seats, structure and fuel tanks; and emergency floatation devices, which can be inflated in flight or automatically at ditching.

The emergency flotation system is certified at Sea State 6 conditions, with the high water-line reducing the capsizing risk. In addition, 30-minute dry run certification test has been achieved.

For passenger safety, quick and easy egress is provided through extra-large push-out windows that exceed EASA Type IV emergency egress size requirements, while each passenger is seated at a maximum of one seat from an egress exit.

On-ground safety is provided by the rotorcraft’s high-set tail rotor with a 2.3-meter ground clearance to facilitate movement around the aircraft – especially during operations on landing pads. Passenger boarding is enhanced by the real-time view provided by a tail-fin-mounted forward-looking camera, monitored from the cockpit display.

An autonomous cockpit camera can record cockpit crew actions and replay missions for training and procedure improvement purposes. Moreover, Helionix and the 4-axis autopilot further support flight safety (see “New-generation avionics” above).

Modern maintainability

The H175’s maintenance concept is defined in cooperation with users for the utmost efficiency, achieving higher aircraft availability and lower operating costs.

Optimized scheduled maintenance planning is based on operational feedback gathered from operators through the MSG-3 method, and is continuously improved thanks to a proactive Living Maintenance Review Board process. Unscheduled maintenance management is optimized as well.

Also contributing to the H175’s maintainability is its advanced anomaly detection function, which provides fast and simple alarms diagnosis while reducing false maintenance down-time; helicopter flight data monitoring, allowing improvements in safety, operational procedures and training; and web-based access to interactive electronic technical publications with 3D maintenance procedures for complex maintenance tasks.



Oil and gas transportation

Designed with the support of oil companies and helicopters operators, the H175 offers cost competitiveness, performance and new standards of safety and comfort.

The H175 can operate at its full payload in 90% of oil and gas operations. It provides the best payload range-per-passenger/radius-of-action (RoA) in the medium-class helicopter category.

In 2016, the H175 will be available with an extended maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 7,800 kilograms, offering an additional payload of 300 kilograms or an additional 40 nautical miles RoA.

With 16 passengers aboard in an oil and gas configuration, it can fly to distances of 140 nautical miles RoA, increasing to nearly 200 nautical miles RoA when 12 passengers are carried, with no auxiliary fuel tank required. In a higher density configuration, it can carry as many as 18 passengers up to 105 nautical miles RoA.

The H175 also has a high power margin in One Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions. The helicopter can perform Performance Class 1 takeoffs and landings at MTOW in ISA+20°C conditions from a 70 ft.-high platform.

In terms of comfort, the helicopter’s fast cruise speed, large windows, and low sound and vibration levels create a comfortable passenger journey offshore.

Search and rescue

In search and rescue (SAR) operations, the H175 is a high performer offering the greatest endurance (6 hours), longest range, and highest cruise speed in its class, with a standard fuel tank capacity of more than 2 tons.

Its almost 4-meter-long spacious cabin with a full flat floor, large sliding doors on both sides, and direct access to the large rear cargo compartment facilitate use of stretchers and a high number of rescues.

The highly capable automatic flight control system – which is evolved from the proven automatic flight control system (AFCS) on the H225 – offers exceptional high hovering precision and stability.

For SAR duties, the rotorcraft can be configured with a SAR operator’s console, cabin-mounted medical equipment, an external winch, and oversized bubble observer windows to assist the search process, and a search and weather radar, among others. A side-mounted searchlight, along with up to six under-fuselage lights, provide area illumination, which are completed by main- and tail-rotor lighting for use when maneuvering near obstacles.

At maximum weight, the H175 can perform a hover out of ground effect (HOGE) at ISA+20°C up to an altitude of 5,800 ft. It also has a high power margin in One Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions. These margins constitute an important guarantee of safety during hoist operations and enable the H175 to maintain hover flight or a rate of climb better than 500 ft./min. in ISA+20°C conditions at sea level.

The highly rated engine can perform long and safe hoists with the possibility of extending power up to 30 minutes, continuously, and up to 50 minutes, cumulatively, during one flight.

Private, business and governmental

For the Executive and VIP markets, Airbus Helicopters offers a cabin configured and designed in partnership with Pegasus Design. Flowing lines, symmetry and harmonious materials and colors bring a special touch of elegance and luxury to the helicopters’ interiors.

The H175 VIP version is offered in three different styles, all accommodating six to eight passengers. The unique cabin layout incorporates two seating areas. The forward zone provides a lounge atmosphere with facing club seating for four passengers, while an aft sofa-style seat comfortably accommodates three passengers. Options include electrochromatic windows, an in-flight entertainment system and wireless connectivity. Featuring more window area than walls, the rotorcraft ensures panoramic views for all passengers.

The H175 Executive version accommodates 9 to 12 passengers in an atmosphere conducive to both work and relaxation.

In both versions, the H175 provides a jet-like smooth and quiet ride at high speeds, and a climate-controlled cabin – even when the main rotor is stopped.




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Missions for H175

Public Services

Public service agencies around the world count on the reliability, performance and efficiency of Airbus rotorcraft for their critical missions. On call every day, Airbus’ light, medium and medium-heavy helicopters are ready for duties that include law enforcement, firefighting, and search and rescue.

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Oil & Gas

Airbus helicopters keep the oil & gas industry operating at its optimum output. The company’s helicopters have accumulated more than 10 million flight hours in crew change missions, freight transport, medEvac, search and rescue, and logistics support to offshore platforms and land-based rigs in highly remote locations, as well as in pipeline patrols.

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When immediate emergency assistance is needed, helicopters are irreplaceable. From the lightweight single-engine H130, to the twin-engine H135 and H145, to the medium-lift H175, these helicopters have captured nearly two-thirds of the emergency medical services (EMS) market worldwide, serving more than 300 customers.

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Private & Business

The most discerning customers count on Airbus to meet their requirements for attention to detail, functionality, sophistication and performance – providing rotorcraft for operations that vary from liaison flights with government officials and very important passengers, to time-sensitive business trips and connections to resorts or yacht landing pads.

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