Airbus HelicoptersAS332 C1e

Max. weight:
8,600 kg/18,960 lb
9,350 kg/20,615 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
4,150 kg/9,151 lb
2 pilots + 17 passengers
(in comfort configuration)
Maximum cargo sling load:
4,500 kg/9,920 lb

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Photo: Airbus Helicopters - Anthony Pecchi


The AS532 AL+, the AS332 L1e and the AS332 C1e are 9-ton class twin-engine helicopters in the famous COUGAR / SUPER PUMA family. They combine the rugged experience of the AS532 / AS332 dynamic and basic assemblies with the most advanced avionics of the EC725.They also include full glass cockpit avionics and the latest generation autopilot.

These aircraft are reliable, fast helicopters and have outstanding all weather capabilities: a great power reserve and a high manoeuvrability.

The powerful MAKILA 1A1 engines give them the ability to fly almost any mission, no matter the temperature and altitude.


2 Turbomeca MAKILA 1A1

Maximum emergency power (OEI):

1,400 kw//1,877 shp

Maximum range

642 km/346 nm

(takeoff at maximum weight -

Sea level - ISA)

Fast cruise speed

262 km per hr/141 kts

(at maximum weight -

Sea level - ISA)


Main roles

Particularly suited for aerial work thanks to its payload capacity, the AS332 C1e offers excellent performances in hot and high environments.

Main missions:

  • heavy sling
  • logging
  • power line maintenance

The AS332 C1e includes full glass cockpit avionics and the latest generation EC225 autopilot.

AS350 B2

Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960 lb
2,500 kg/5,512 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,030 kg/2,270 lb
1 pilot + 5/6 passengers
Maximum cargosling load: 1,160 kg/2,557 lb


Max. weight:
1,715 kg/3,781 Ib
1,800 kg/3,968 Ib
(with external load)
Useful load:
714 kg / 1,574 lb
1 pilot + 4 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load: 700 kg/1,543 lb


Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960lb*
2,800 kg/6,172 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,013 kg/2,233 lb
1 pilot + 5-6 passengers
Maximum cargo swing load:
1,400 kg/3,086lb