Airbus HelicoptersAS365 N3+

Max. weight:
4,300 kg/9,480 lb
(All configurations)
Useful load:
1,926 kg/4,246 lb
2 pilots + 12 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load:
1,600 kg/3,527 lb

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Photo: Airbus Helicopters - Jérome Deulin


The AS365 N3+ belongs to the Dauphin family, which is well known for its unique design.

This medium helicopter has proven its ability to perform any kind of mission, anywhere in the world. It even excels in the most severe climatic conditions, such as high altitudes or hot temperatures.

The standard AS365 N3+ is fitted with the Eurocopter 4-axis autopilot to ease crew workload and help simplify the most demanding missions, including Search and Rescue (SAR). It also features excellent forward visibility during an approach.

The AS365 N3+ incorporates the all composite FENESTRON® tail rotor that provides high manoeuvrability, exceptional efficiency at all speeds, unparallel ground crew safety and low sound level.


2 Turbomeca ARRIEL 2C


Maximum emergency power (OEI):

717 kW/961 shp

Maximum range

792 km/427 nm

(takeoff at maximum weight -

Sea level - ISA)

Fast cruise speed

269 km per hr/145 kts

(at maximum weight -

Sea level - ISA)


Main roles

This helicopter has an excellent performance and is well adapterd to operations in hot climates and high altitudes. It is fitted with a four-axis AFCS and upgraded avionics to perform the most demanding missions, including SAR. With its elegant shape and modern layout, it is specially adapted for business aviation transportation.

AS350 B2

Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960 lb
2,500 kg/5,512 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,030 kg/2,270 lb
1 pilot + 5/6 passengers
Maximum cargosling load: 1,160 kg/2,557 lb


Max. weight:
1,715 kg/3,781 Ib
1,800 kg/3,968 Ib
(with external load)
Useful load:
714 kg / 1,574 lb
1 pilot + 4 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load: 700 kg/1,543 lb


Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960lb*
2,800 kg/6,172 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,013 kg/2,233 lb
1 pilot + 5-6 passengers
Maximum cargo swing load:
1,400 kg/3,086lb