Airbus HelicoptersEC145

Max. weight:
3,585 kg/7,903 lb
(all configurations)
Useful load:
1,793 kg/3,953 lb
1 pilot +9/10 passengers, or
2 pilots + 8/9 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load:
1,500 kg / 3,3707 lb

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Photo: Airbus Helicopters - Jérome Deulin


In operations on land and at sea, the EC145 is at the top of its class in the medium-sized, twin-engine helicopter category. With up to 12 seats for pilots and passengers, this multi-mission helicopter combines an advanced cockpit design, state of the art avionics and a sophisticated electrical system.

The EC145 is equipped with two Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 engines which provide outstanding performance and vital power reserves even in one engine-inoperative (OEI) scenarios.

Compared to other helicopters in its class, the EC145 offers a significantly larger cabin featuring excellent outside visibility for pilots, crew and passengers, a roomy cabin with no partitions, center or door posts and unrivalled side and rear loading capability.



2 Turbomeca ARRIEL 1E2

Maximum emergency power (OEI):

574 kW/770 shp

Maximum range

680 km/370 nm

(takeoff at maximum weight -

Sea level - ISA)

Fast cruise speed

246 km per hr/133 kts

(at maximum weight -

Sea level -ISA)


Main roles

Effeicient multi-role, light twin-engine helicopter. Particularly successful in public services and offshore missions as well as passenger transportation. It provides a spacious cabin, excellent performance, low sound levels and high standards of safety.

AS350 B2

Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960 lb
2,500 kg/5,512 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,030 kg/2,270 lb
1 pilot + 5/6 passengers
Maximum cargosling load: 1,160 kg/2,557 lb


Max. weight:
1,715 kg/3,781 Ib
1,800 kg/3,968 Ib
(with external load)
Useful load:
714 kg / 1,574 lb
1 pilot + 4 passengers
Maximum cargo sling load: 700 kg/1,543 lb


Max. weight:
2,250 kg/4,960lb*
2,800 kg/6,172 lb
(with external load)
Useful load:
1,013 kg/2,233 lb
1 pilot + 5-6 passengers
Maximum cargo swing load:
1,400 kg/3,086lb