Mobile Composite Solutions offer a new kind of mobile, stable and versatile hangar that can be used in all climates and environments around the world.
Their product is a positive impact on the environment, the construction is fast and effective, and freight costs are minimized because of the low weight and clever construction.
The hangars can be used in all climates because of the high insulation value. Each hangar can be customized for specific needs and is available in several sizes.

The modules MCS has developed consists of a sandwich structure composed of a foam-core covered with fiberglass, enclosed in polyester resin.
Wall stiffness and strength is achieved by spreading the distance between 2 outer skins which have excellent tensile strength, using a core material that can enable the flow of sheer force.
The net effect is a light, yet stiff structure with high specific load bearing capacity. The technique is often used in industries where weight is a significant factor and has been commonly used in aircrafts.

MCS has applied the technique to new materials, optimized to reduce cost while retaining strength.