Lift off for Airbus Helicopters

As of January, the well-known helicopter manufacturer, Eurocopter, is known as Airbus Helicopters. The company has been rebranded as a natural evolution gathering the entire company under the globally recognized Airbus brand. Airbus Helicopters is a subsidiary wholly owned by … Continue reading »

EC175 sets two time-to-climb records

Eurocopter’s medium sized twin-engine EC175 performs and sets two time-to-climb records further gearing up for EASA certification in early 2014 being the final step in the program prior to deliveries to the first  customers. In parallel, production ramp-up for the … Continue reading »

70th aircraft to Scandinavian Helicopter Group

The 7th of May Scandinavian Helicopter Group signed for their 70th aircraft delivered from Eurocopter, Marignane. Celebrations were held in Marseille and the s/n 7618 reg: SE-JOS will be arriving in Sweden the 17 of May. Our warmest congratulations.

Three Bell 206 added to stock

Two Bell 206-1 Long Ranger II and one Bell 206B Jet RangerIII has been added to the preowned stock. Featured Longer Ranger with s/n 45395, also known as The Pink Panther, will be leased to operator during the summer 2012 … Continue reading »

Cargo hook

A cargo hook installation weighing only 1 kg at a cost of approximately 3000 Euros for complete installation has been developed for the Cabri G2. This equipment was introduced at the AERO Friedrichshafen Global Show for General Aviation during April … Continue reading »

New website

We welcome all of our clients to our new website. Please note the new features making it possible to sort our pre-owned stock ascending or descending based on production year or price.

News from the fleet

The Cabri fleet has been increased to 30 helicopters flying in 12 countries during 2011. New deliveries have been made to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom during the past year. In 2012 new deliveries are planned … Continue reading »

Approval of emergency floats – 26/01/11

The European agency EASA delivered its final approval to Helicopteres Guimbal for the optional installation of an emergency flotation system on their helicopter Cabri G2, in January, 14th 2011. This success results from significant development efforts, over two years, from … Continue reading »