Aircraft overview:

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  • New matching interior with the exterior


  • New paint white with dark grey and silver stripes


  • Door Opener - Paravion
  • Ground handling wheels
  • Aux Fuel Tank 18 gal
  • Dual Controls
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher


  • VHF/COM Garmin Klunz 196 A
  • ELT Kannad 406AF - Compact
  • Transponder King KT 76A
  • Altitude Enconder D120-PZ-1
  • Emergency Whip Antenna
  • Emergency Localizer Kannad 406AF-C
  • Headsets - Pelton Aviation
  • Transponder - KT76A
  • Transponder Antenna
  • Transponder Encoder - ACK A30
  • VHF 1 Antennas
  • VHF/Comm 1 - King KY196 A


  • All AD´s SB´s up to date

The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations.

Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser