Eurocopter EC135P2

Asking price:

2.800.000 EUR


Eurocopter EC135P2

About Aircraft

Year: 2008
S/N: 641
TTAF: 4800
Location: Finland
Asking price: 2.800.000 EUR


  • High value – Support by the hour and parts by the hour program fully paid.
The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations. Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.


  • First aid kit
  • Engine fire extinguishing system
  • Slant panel
  • Center console
  • Avionics compartment
  • Copilot flight controls
  • 7″ copilot instrument panel with glare shield
  • Map case in copilot door
  • Map cases on instrument panel glare shield
  • Illuminated chart holder for pilot side
  • Bleed air heating system: EMS-version
  • Battery, type “Varta”, 40 Ah, 24 V instead of standard battery
  • AC (Alternating Current) system (350 VA)
  • Starter/generator (2×200 A, 28 V DC) instead of standard generator
  • Energy absorbing fuselage
  • Tail boom with fixed horizontal stabilizer and two endplates
  • Vertical fin with faired-in fenestron
  • Upper deck with fittings for main gearbox, hydraulic and cooling system
  • Cowlings for main transmission and engines
  • Skid-type landing gear with skid protectors, capable of taking ground-handling wheels
  • Long boarding steps, LH och RH
  • Maintenance built-in steps and grips
  • One-level cabin and cargo compartment floor with integrated rails
  • Glazed canopy
  • Two hinged cockpit doors with sliding window
  • Map case in pilot’s door
  • Two wide passenger sliding doors
  • Two rear hinged clam-shell doors
  • Longitudinally adjustable energy absorbing pilot and copilot seats with head rest and 4-point safety belts with automatic locking system
  • Cabin boarding grips (LH and RH)
  • Interior paneling with integrated basic sound insulation
  • Flight controls (pilot side)
  • Engine controls with manual back-up system at pilot’s collective pitch lever
  • Instrument panel with extension on pilot’s side and glare shield
  • Ram-air and electrical ventilating system for cockpit and cabin
  • Headset holder in the cockpit
  • Headset holder in the cabin
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Stowage net for first aid kit at the LH rear clam-shell door
  • Flash light (torch)
  • 4 Mobile tie-down rings

Mission Equipment

  • Reinforced rear landing gear cross tube
  • Landing & search light, 400/200 W, NVG compatible
  • ELT C406-2 HM (Artex)
  • NVG compatible standard cockpit layout
  • Cockpit/cabin separation curtain, NVG version
  • NVG friendly cabin and corgo compartment
  • NVG friendly external lighting kit, comprising position and anticollision lights

Optional Equipment

  • Fuzz burners for engines
  • Sliding windows in sliding doors
  • Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
  • Window in clam-shell door, LH
  • Windshield wiper system
  • Rotor brake system
  • Settling protectors, Fixed provisions and detachable parts
  • Cargo hook system, Fixed provisions
  • Emergency floats, Fixed provisions and detachable parts
  • Voice Alert Generator 611-014 (NAT)
  • Securing device for complete opening of copilot door
  • One-hand latching system for clam-shell door
  • Extended opening fasteners for clam-shell doors
  • Tactical radio in center console (TETRA), BFE
  • Tactical radio in cabin (TETRA), BFE
  • Audio/Comm. control system AS 3100-12/13 – NVG (Becker), PAX, cabin – LH
  • Moving map EURONAV IV – RN6 (EuroAvionics), interfaced with FCDS
  • Video Radar Unit (VRU)

Interior & exterior


  • Three forward passenger seats, facing backwards
  • Two rear passenger seats, facing forward


  • Two-color external painting



Eurocopter EC135P2

  • Avionics Solution 11 NVG
  • Audio/Comm. control system AS3100-12/12-NVG (Becker), copilot
  • Audio/Comm. control system AS3100-12/12-NVG (Becker), pilot
  • Intercom amplifier IC 3100-4 (Becker)
  • Transponder (Mode S) GTX330 – NVG friendly (Garmin)
  • DME DMS-44A (Chelton/Wulfsberg)
  • Marker beacon receiver/lights KR21 – NVG friendly (Honeywell)
  • Avionics/Radio master switches
  • GPS/NAV/COM GNS 430 NVG (Garmin), copilot, interfaced with FCDS
  • GPS/NAV/COM GNS 430 NVG (Garmin), pilot, interfaced with FCDS
  • 2″ stand-by horizon AI804 DC – NCG (Goodrich), incl. emergency battery
  • MEGHAS – FLight Control Display System (FCDS) – DUal (4xSMD45)
  • Avionics Solution 11 interconnection/wiring
  • Radar altimeter KRA 405B (Honeywell)
  • MEGHAS Sensor Kit
  • Copilot pitot static system (electrically heated)
  • Digital Automatic Flight Control System – DAFCS


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