Operation valuation

There are several good reasons to make an updated economical valuation of your assets and inventory. Do you need an accurate valuation of your helicopter operation for your bookkeeping or banc? Or are you thinking about selling your company? Savback Helicopters can help you value your operation according to your specific needs. Savback has the comprehensive knowledge and resources to make a correct valuation according to market standards. With our own expertise and the knowledge of our worldwide network in the aviation business we make sure that every component of your operation is properly valued. Our experts valuate the size and condition of you fleet as well as other inventories. Client stock and current contracts of engagement are valued by experienced specialists. Through the valuation Savback can also advise you on how to increase the value of your operation. You are always welcome to engage us for a validation, even if you decide not to sell your operation or choose a different broker. Should you choose to hire Savback for the sale we can assure you the process will run smoothly due to the solid preparation.

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